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Дамски маратонки Salming Viper 3 Women, Turquoise/CactusFlower

240.00 лв.

В сърцевината на дизайна на обувката се намира уникалната  62/75° система, която специално обозначава дистанцията от петата до началото на ходилото (62% от обувката) за да оптимизира стабилността, комфорта и представянето. Ключов елемент на дизайна е устойчивата, стабилизирана част, която привиршва в началото на ходилото в така наречената „балетна“ линия, в 75° ъгъл. Пред  75° ъгъл, Salming Viper е снабден със специално улегнала част, която дава още по-голяма гъвкавост.
Тегло: 265 гр. (за размер 39.1/3)
Дроп: 6 мм
Иновативни технологии Salming:
RollBar™ / T.G.S 62/75™ / XR110™ / LMS+™ / Ergo Heelcup™ / LMS™ / ExoSkeleton™ / RunLite™
Код на продукта: 1236075-6335
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The Salming Viper is a fast paced agile shoe with a low profile and excellent stability characteristics. It incorporates the very best of Salming Indoor shoe technologies and then some. If you’re a fan of the Salming Race model you will find the Viper lower and with less cushioning in the fore-foot area, enabling a more close-to-the-court feel plus a lighter and more breathable upper. The construction has its origin in the Salming Running shoe product range, where it has been very well received with its three layer system where the unique Salming ExoSkeleton™ keeps the foot in the right position during lateral movements and high performance activities. Agile, fast paced with a low profile – The Viper.
At the core of the shoe’s design, you will find Salming’s unique T.G.S. 62/75° system which specifically designates the distance from heel to the ball of the foot (62% of the shoe) in order to optimize stability, comfort, and performance. Key to this design is the firmer, stabilizing section which ends at the ball of the foot at the so-called “ballet” line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped Salming Viper with a specially composed section which gives greater flexibility in order to further stimulate the foot’s natural movements.
The midsole features a special High Abrasion Injection EVA – RunLite™ – designed to create a nice feel for the court. It is light and responds to the surface from the very first step.
In addition, the Viper features both the 11°™ angle concept on the outer edge of the shoe which helps avoid the risk of ankle injury, and our innovative RollBar™-technology on the inner edge, for quicker and better lateral push-off.
In order to help you control all of this cornering performance, our XR110 outer sole has an extra sticky developed compound!

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