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Скуош ракета Salming Fusione PowerLite Racket, Navy/Red, 128g

261.00 лв.

Salming Fusione Pro Aero Vectran – MANOEUVRABILITY/CONTROL/POWER
Тегло на рамката: 128 g +/- 5 g, 4,69 oz
Размер на главата: 495 cm2 – 76,7 inch2
Обща дължина: 685 mm
Баланс: 373 mm
Грип: H20 Drain
Кордаж: PA1 LAVA reinforced with Dupont Nomex™
Материал: High strength carbon/ High impact resin /Vectran
String pattern: 14 x 19
String tension: 11 kg / 24 lbs
Rec. tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
Код на продукта: 1299108-0405
Пол: Мъже|Жени
*В комплект е включен калъф за скуош ракета Salming Squash Racket Cover

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Product description:
Salming Fusione PowerLite™ of the Aero Vectran series offers powerful closed throat bridge racket geometry for increased torsion and control. Fusione PowerLite™ features an excellent package of maneuverability, control and power. It has an aerodynamic frame with an open face structure to facilitate to cut the ball with increased spin. Fusione Powerlite™ is strung with PA1 Lava reinforced with DuPont™ Nomex® fiber.

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